A personal quilt is a lifelong memory. Quilts have come so far over the years...not only are they comforting and handed down through generations, but they are now stylish and chic. Also, quilts have made a big comback in stylish home decor. 

Cindy has been sewing and constructing quilts for many years and has found passion in bringing to life a memory and keepsake for those around her. 

Quilting is a collective and handmade art that encourages self-expression through fabrics, textures, and of course, memories. Quilts make thoughtful, personalized, unique gifts for any occassion: baby, wedding, family, get well, new home, anniversary, holiday, birthday, school spirit, organizations, charities and more! 

From your favorite fabrics, photos and/or t-shirts, you're sure to have a one-of-a-kind, custom quilt that will last forever. Special order with your color and design of choice.


1st pl: tx/ok state fair

First United Methodist Church
​Bazzar Quilt

honorable mention

Red River Quilt Show

1st pl & judge's choice

Quilting in the Falls Show
​Red River Quilt Guild

1st pl: Boots & Bandanas

Red River Quilt Show
Pease River Quilt Show 
Texas Oklahoma State Fair

Queen Bees Quilts

2nd pl: glacier star

Quilting in the Falls Show
Red River Quilt Guild

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Quilting on the Western Trail
​Pease River Quilt Guild