Towels, quilts, T-shirts, and more. Personalize your items for class and flair. Select your favorite font and favorite thread for the complete customization. 

Queen Bees Quilts

memory quilts

We will always remember those we love most. Keep them close by turning their fabric keepsakes it into a memory that will last forever. 

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Millions of designs, shapes, and fabrics our out there. Let's create a masterpiece.


Gather your old Tee's and capture your memories in a quilt to last a lifetime. Must be washed/dried, smoke free/pet free. $30 per t-shirt Square (Includes stabilizing, sashing fabric, backing, batting, quilting, binding and embroidered label)


The perfect gift for a girl or a boy. Let a special gift be the first memory.



Long Arm Quilting Services:
I do reserve the right to return a quilt or similar project if I deem it impossible for me to quilt it and finish it to the level that I require of myself. If for instance the backing fabric, provided by the customer, is of an inferior quality I do reserve the right to bring this to the customer's attention and return the quilt if we cannot agree on an appropriate fabric. 
Sometimes the quilts that I receive have some puckering and fullness which cannot be "quilted out" and so once in a while because of this, some puckering may be sewn into the quilt top if it is not flat.

I keep my long arm machine fully serviced and pay close attention to all its needs! However it is a machine and once in a while they have issues - I cannot be held responsible for any damage to a product due to a mechanical failure on the machine..All returned items will be at the owner's expense.

Long Arm Quilting Fees:
Edge to Edge Freehand Meandering, .0150 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class A Pantograph, .0175 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class B Pantograph, .0200 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class C Pantograph, .0250 Sq Inch

Custom​, .05 - .10 Sq Inch

96” 80/20 Cotton $8.00 yard
120” 80/20 Cotton $9.00 yard
96" Polyester $6.00 yard
Solid Color $1.00 per Bobbin
Variegated $2.00 per Bobbin
Small Quilts
Minimum Charge is $25 for quilting. 
Batting and thread adjusted accordingly.
.25 Linear inch
.30 Linear inch scallop binding