Long Arm Quilting Services:
I do reserve the right to return a quilt or similar project if I deem it impossible for me to quilt it and finish it to the level that I require of myself. If for instance the backing fabric, provided by the customer, is of an inferior quality I do reserve the right to bring this to the customer's attention and return the quilt if we cannot agree on an appropriate fabric. 
Sometimes the quilts that I receive have some puckering and fullness which cannot be "quilted out" and so once in a while because of this, some puckering may be sewn into the quilt top if it is not flat.

I keep my long arm machine fully serviced and pay close attention to all its needs! However it is a machine and once in a while they have issues - I cannot be held responsible for any damage to a product due to a mechanical failure on the machine..All returned items will be at the owner's expense.

Long Arm Quilting Fees:
Edge to Edge Freehand Meandering, .0125 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class A Pantograph, .0150 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class B Pantograph, .0175 Sq Inch
Edge to Edge Class C Pantograph, .0200 Sq Inch​

96” 80/20 Cotton $8.00 yard
120” 80/20 Cotton $9.00 yard
96" Polyester $6.00 yard
Solid Color $1.00 per Bobbin
Variegated $2.00 per Bobbin
Small Quilts
Minimum Charge is $25 for quilting. 
Batting and thread adjusted accordingly.
.25 Linear inch
.30 Linear inch scallop binding


The perfect gift for a girl or a boy. Let a special gift be the first memory.


Gather your old T's and let's capture your memories in a quilt to last a lifetime.
$22 per t-shirt + cost of fabric for backing

Queen Bees Quilts

golf cart covers

Keep your seat cool and your rear will thank you.
​$38 + tax, s&h


Millions of designs, shapes, and fabrics our out there. Let's create a masterpiece.



Towels, quilts, T-shirts, and more. Personalize your items for class and flair. 

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memory quilts

We will always remember those we love most. Now we can keep them close.